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Tree Toons Premiere Today!

Posted by 4812cpvideos on August 15, 2012 at 10:20 AM

After a long period of time the Tree-Toon series are done for episode 1! Here is the upcoming schedule for Tree Toons! (Pilots will only be on until episode 1 premieres) And yes a Tree Toon cycle will start with 6 episodes and 1 pilot. The series will most likely go up to season 2 and end with 12 episodes. If the series is popular, season 3 and beyond will be 8 to 26 episodes per season. And once the 4 original series end I will consider making new ones and that point beyond all the episodes will be made all at once (mainly, weekends (school:P)). So here are the episodes up until 2012 (if I have ALOT of free time, I will make more episodes.

Kindergarten: The Kite (Pilot 1) April 8th 2012 (4812 day!) online until August 15th 2012 (4 months before premiere)

Kindergarten: The Bullet (Pilot 2) August 12th 2012 online until August 15th 2012

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~COMING SOON~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Kindergarten: Hacker (ep #01) August 15th 2012

Pedro the Box: Pilot August 18th 2012

Pedro the Box: (ep #01) August 20th 2012

Dilweed & Mr. Teabody (Pilot) August 22nd 2012

Dilweed & Mr. Teabody (ep #01) August 25th 2012

Henry the Hitchiker (Pilot) August 28th 2012

Henry the Hitchiker (ep #01) August 31st 2012


Kindergarten: Back to School (ep #02) September 2nd 2012

Pedro the Box (ep #02) Sept 2012

Dilweed & Mr. Teabody (ep #02) October 2012

Henry the Hitchiker (ep#02) October 2012

Pedro the Box (ep#03) November 2012

Henry the Hitchiker (ep#03) November 2012

Dilweed & Mr. Teabody (ep#03) December 2012

Kindergarten: The Squeakish Language (ep#03) December 31st 2012

-Zack4812 & don't miss Tree Turtle Tv! Premieres 12/12/12!

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